mySupermarket Alternatives: How to Compare Grocery Prices without mySupermarket

mysupermarket alternatives

Back in March 2020, Grocery price comparison website mySupermarket closed up shop leaving savvy shoppers, many of which had used the service for more than a decade, to rely on other methods to cut their grocery costs. For those that are unaware, mySupermarket was a simple, straightforward website that allowed shoppers to search for a […]

Slow internet? Vote with your wallet!

Slow internet

With more people “WFH” than ever before reliance on getting a fast broadband connection has never been so critical but research by Broadband Choices has found that internet searches for terms such as ‘slow internet’ have risen by more than 60% over the last few weeks.   *Source: Google Trends – searches for ‘slow internet’ over the […]

Ultimate Guide to the Tesco Clubcard

tesco clubcard

Tesco Clubcard is the loyalty programme run by the British supermarket chain Tesco. As well as having over 16.5 million users in the UK alone, the Clubcard scheme also operates in Ireland, Hungary, Poland and many other countries. Show your Clubcard at the tills in any Tesco store and you get yourself one point per […]