Everything you need to know about:

Personal Breakdown Cover

A personal breakdown policy provides a level of coverage for any vehicle you are driving if there is a mechanical problem.

What’s personal breakdown cover?

Personal breakdown insurance covers you, not a specific vehicle in the event you have a problem with your vehicle. The coverage is applicable to the vehicle you are driving, not to the vehicle you named.

This is great news for families with more than one vehicle as you’d be covered no matter which one you’re driving at the time of the breakdown.

What’s covered?

Depending on who your breakdown provider is and which policy you have, you may be covered for:

  • European breakdown cover
  • Roadside assistance or recovery
  • Vehicle recovery
  • Home start/Home recovery
  • Onward travel
  • Replacement of key, tyre and battery
  • Misfuelling

What isn’t covered?

The details of your vehicle breakdown policy will depend on your insurance provider, so make sure you check the terms and conditions for any limitations.

Taking a supercar or a classic vehicle for a spin, for example, probably won’t qualify to be covered.

In addition, you should confirm your policy covers you when towing a caravan or driving a motorhome. You may need a specific caravan breakdown cover to extend your coverage.

The last thing you want is to break down and have to fork out a load of extra cash for roadside recovery because your policy isn’t what you thought it was and your not covered.

Do I need personal breakdown cover or something else?

There are a few other options for alternative ways to cover yourself such as:

Vehicle breakdown cover

Vehicle breakdown cover applies to a particular named vehicle, rather than to you as an individual. That means you would only be covered if you drove the exact vehicle that’s has been named on the policy documents.

Business breakdown cover

With a business breakdown policy, you can cover the vehicles in your fleet of commercial cars, vans, or motorcycles.